5 Tips for Streamlining your Business

Get mega efficient and back in control of your business with just a bit of consistency and these 5 simple tips.

The start of the year is always the time we consider incorporating wonderful concepts like scheduling and automations into our businesses to make the coming year run smoother and easier than the previous 12 months of hectic mess we are reluctant to repeat.

But every year we manage to drop back into old habits and make excuses for the itty bit of effort we actually need to get our shiz together.

In fact, it’s not even effort we lack, it’s consistency.

I heard somewhere once about how a task, performed consistently becomes a habit, and once a habit is formed, it is harder to break. If you actually make the time to do something regularly, and let it become a part of your normal routine, then before you know it, stuff just got easier!

Consistency is the key to change. If you want to change the efficiency of you and your business for the better, I have 5 tips you can implement which will streamline your business and give you better focus and more time.


Tip #1 - Goal Setting

Are you the person who writes down your business goals with gusto and positivity at the start of January, and then falls behind or drops off the wagon by February and throws your hands in the air, returning to your old habits and waiting until the following year to consider how to change again?

You are not alone, I’ve been that person too, so I KNOW that by giving yourself a small amount of time at the start of EVERY month this year, you will manage to give yourself more opportunities to create NEW habits, more chance to MEET the goals you set for yourself and a way of measuring your success so you can adjust each accordingly.

Set aside an hour or so at the start of every month (great excuse to go to a cafe and dig out your favourite pen!) and fill out this goal sheet, or at least write down 3 things you want to improve on from the last month, three things you want to focus on this month, and three small steps towards achieving each of those focus goals. Put your notes somewhere handy (like on the calendar on the fridge or next to your computer) so you can see it and I guarantee you will see the change you can create in 12 small increments so by next year, you will have made the changes and created the habits to help your business become more streamlined.

Tip #2 - Up-To-Date Software

While this might not be something you can achieve in an hour, think of it as a goal for the first 6 months of the year, with the aim to be increasing your productivity and efficiency. Software that is old and not updated, tends to cause a strain on your hardware, and can cause conflicts and errors as operating systems and other components are updated.

If there isn’t a newer version of the software you use, perhaps consider some viable alternatives that might even make your life easier in the long run. I find software that I can use across devices (such as on the desktop and the phone) is very advantageous, as well as changing software subscriptions to ones that operate online which are often quicker and super easy to access on other devices. Check out the magic business tools and software I use for my business here which includes some of my absolute favourite software programs.

Tip #3 - Productivity Apps

Speaking of software, investigate a new app that is going to assist in your business, such as zapier, textexpander, evernote etc. 

Do you perform regular tasks across platforms or applications – then zapier can create an automation that does it for you!

Do you regularly repeat the same sentences or emails? Then textexpander could give you extra time in your day!

Do you find yourself searching for an old email you sent because you liked the wording you used? Save it as a template in Evernote or Bear and find it with ease!

Now while these apps are not always free, sometimes you have to pay to save, and remember “You get what you pay for”.

Tip #4 - Better get a Budget!

So yeah,  I did one back in the BC ages (before children) and realised recently that it hadn’t been updated to include all of the new website hosting and registration costs that have become a regular expense in my business as well as all of the software that has changed to subscription models.

Whilst it was time consuming, it was so eye-opening to see just what my regular costs are and be pro-active with any pricing adjustments or expenditure. I’ve decided to share my Google Sheets budget template here if you need an idea on where to start.


Tip #5 - Get Yo’self Dropbox.

This has been one of the most important changes I made to my workflow in the last few years (and surprisingly also one of the cheapest) Allow your files to be accessible from anywhere, collaborate, share, upload, comment, store and more.

It’s just ideal for streamlining my file management and sharing process. Much easier that the old ways of burning discs (does ANY one do this anymore?), trying to get files small enough to email (and losing resolution and time) and transferring large files across unsecure networks.

Check out the free plans available here 

Please remember, if you don’t get the hang of something immediately, or if you need a bit more time, please don’t give up! Every new task you undertake, often needs a bit more attention or time to adjust.

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