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About Altitude Unlimited Design

G’day, I’m Jess. I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years, delivering successful visual brands for clever service-based trades with a smile.

You are a Master of your Trade.

Me too.

While being a passionate business owner and talented creative, I am also a dedicated parent to two shorties (children), a devoted de-facto, a tea lover, a volunteer karate instructor, a novelty cake-baker and an unreserved chocolate addict. I am also a superviser of homework, personal taxi driver, and a decent friend, and I sometimes manage – pretty rarely – to do some sort of fitness routine.

So like you, I understand the challenge of balancing many different hats in both your business and personal life and running out of time to focus on areas where my skills are lacking.

Though my family might use endearing terms like OCD and control freak, I believe it’s my dedication and healthy perfectionism that has helped me to flourish in all my projects, both creative and professional.

Much of my work is from returning customers and referrals, which speaks volumes for my design and service reputation amongst the many recognised brands and reputed companies I have been involved with. Working through these diverse design projects, has helped me to establish my calibre and capability for superb design solutions for many marketing challenges.


Benice says:

Jess recently updated the design of our website and the entire process from start to finish was so easy! No ask is ever too hard, Jess is amazing and I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend her services.

A history of success

Over the last 20 years, I have had the ability to work on hundreds of exciting projects for many different brands and companies. These projects have been incredibly varied and have given me the experience and skills to continue to deliver successful designs and visual brands to my customers. 


Be visible. Be recognised. Be successful.

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