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Custom design of beautiful logos, engaging brochures and functional websites for service-based businesses who want to thrive and be recognised for the masters they are.

Be Visible. Be Recognised. Be Successful.

I originally dove into design as a way to be creative and get paid for it. Now, this has to be one of the slowest paths to millionaire I could find, but I do get incredible satisfaction from helping other passionate self-employed skilled people to build a successful and recognised business and brand they can be super proud of too.

If you get the right visual digital and print foundations in place to promote your business, they will grow, support and fortify your brand for years and become just as integral as your own service.


Megan says:

Jess is a pleasure to work with and I have already made a recomendation to a colleague.

You are a Master of your trade. Me too.

I can proudly admit I have been living and breathing creative design for a smidge short of 20 years, having started as a junior designer straight out of TAFE in 2001 and working my way up to partner before buying out the company in just 5 years.

Though my family might use endearing terms like OCD and control freak, I believe it’s my dedication and healthy perfectionism that has helped me to flourish in all my projects, both creative and professional.

Much of my work is from returning customers and referrals, which speaks volumes for my design and service reputation amongst the many recognised brands and reputed companies I have been involved with. Working through these diverse design projects, has helped me to establish my calibre and capability for superb design solutions for many marketing challenges.

A graphic designer

that is on your level.

While being a passionate business owner and talented creative, I am also a dedicated parent and de-facto, and a tea lover, and a volunteer karate instructor, and a novelty cake-baker, and an unreserved chocolate addict, and a homework supervisor, and a decent friend, and I manage – sometimes rarely – to do some sort of fitness routine.

So like you, I understand the challenge of balancing many different hats in both your business and personal life.

Work smarter, not harder.

As a service specialist, you understand first-hand the benefits of getting experts to handle specific tasks within your business, giving you more time for what you are good at and reducing your stress and workload.

Unload your design projects with me, and know that you will be given first-class service, kept in the loop at each step and discover the benefit of years of creative experience and project management. 

Because getting your logo and website created should be a positive experience, not stressful or confusing.


The team at Primed Plumbing says:

Jess has been amazing in creating our new website. The whole process from start to finish in developing the site was seamless. Her communication, professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. The ongoing support we have received in keeping the website up and running efficiently has been fantastic, there is no question Jess has been unable to answer. 

We would highly recommend Jess, she does amazing work.

Meet the creative professional

G’day, I’m Jess, and I consider myself talented, friendly and helpful and am absolutely dedicated to ensuring your branding, print or website design is spot-on brief, within budget and beats any deadlines.

Behind the scenes, I’m Mum to 2 little shorties, making novelty cakes for my kids, family and friends which also gives me another sweet creative outlet!

I’m also very passionate about teaching karate to local kids, my fiancé and I volunteering our time each week to give them essential self-defence and confidence skills. We feel so proud to be able to dedicate our time and knowledge to our little community. 

Convert your corporate bland into marketing magic

with Altitude Unlimited

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